Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pinchin' Monkey Toes

Yeah....I've no idea where the title came from, but it's staying.
I attempted something new on Sunday thanks to all the lovely J's I've seen around blogland lately (well forever...). And because of her comment the other day. See....

The pink/orange has already been introduced. It is the "Cowl". Now the Orange/Brown on the right...well, that is the very beginnings of this,

That is my first ever attempt at a sock. The pattern is a "Basic Sock" from the Knitting for Dummies book. Size 8 dpn (Boye) and Red Heart SuperSaver in Tiger Camouflage. Please excuse the quality of the pic. This picture was another first, taken by this,

The sock is seen languishing on my desk at work. This is 3 days of knitting, but it stays at work as my lunchtime knitting. And can I tell ya...also the first real attempt on dpns. Man, I'm full of firsts.
Also on Sunday there was some progress on the Cowl,

Someone helped supervise.

I guess both projects will carry over nicely into March as they do include Orange and/or Yellow Gold.

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