Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Orange & Yellow

I did complete my first pair of socks...

Completed Socks On feet

Orange Nail Polish (one of many shades) Orange bag and belt

Orange Wallet , Tape Measure Orange Needle Vase, (M&M's)

Orange Mugs (Dodge Hemi & Zoe-black) Zoe and some toys

And for the record, I have started another pair. Same needles, same wool, different colour. This is called "Viva Print".

What can I say...I love orange. The Girls at work are forever pointing out orange garments etc. Do Doc Martens come in Orange? Our friend M has an Orange Jeep (bastard, I so want it). I'm surprised that I do not have more yellow...I do like the colour. Obviously PS does not extend to my wardrobe, I'd have to take too many pics.
*The guest room is a vibrate yellow (which I love), but it is a bitch to photograph really well. So let's just say it is vibrate, sunshine, bright, etc...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's Been Awhile

Yes it has. Things have been busy here at the PugHut. Monday nights we have obidence classes where G and Zoe learn to behave like a good handler/puggie. Easter weekend was busy (G's birthday) as was the weekend before (my Dad's birthday). So needless to say I'm a bit behind the times. You should see my bloglines list...that'll be a lot of reading. I also noticed that our camera is damaged :o( So...I realize I owe pics for PS April, and I fully intend on delievering them...soon. And I finished the second sock, so I have my first ever completed pair of socks to photograph. And Zoe of course, there will hopefully be a Puggie pic or two in there as well. So I am off to ghetto-ize the camera and see if I can get it working. Here's hoping because I really don't want to dish out that kind of $$ right now.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Calling all Canadians

After reading one of my favourite blogs (A Day in the Life of Our Pugs), I came across their post regarding this cause. Coming from the background that I do (horses, dogs, Cops in the family) I feel this is something that needs to be addressed.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Again, can I just say that this is the coolest effing thing. I'm still amazed that a) It worked and b) I was able to do it rather painlessly. The stitching on the toe could use some practice as could the heel and toe shaping but hey...IT'S MY FIRST SOCK!! And I did all by myself. Sorry 'bout that. But this project signals so mant firsts for me. First shaped project. First project on dpns. First sock. I do not have an abundance of confidence in anything that I do (which annoys everyone, including myself sometimes). So to say that this is a bit of and achievement would be appropriate. And it has some orange (which is my favourite colour). And, hot damn, it fits well, but I did mess up a bit in the ribbing.

And yes, I did cast on for the second one.
Mmmm...smells like a knitted toy...You need some sun Mom, time for a walk.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lookie what I did (or am doing)

My first sock. Can I just say that I'm loving this. I was worried, it look so complicated. But I gamely cast on and started the 2x2 rib on size 8 dpns (this is my first project on dpns). When I got to the heel, I just followed the directions. 3 rows in and I started to worry. The garter stich was on the outside and most socks that I have see show stockinette...hmm. So last night, I'm sitting at the dining room table wondering what I should do when G said "Maybe you are working it inside out and it'll flip at the toe, like when you sew". Hot damn, he was on to something. Now I knew the pattern did not call for any flipping, but, what if I'm just working this thing inside-out? So I flipped 'er inside-out and sure enough, looks great. Hell-of-a-lot-better than ripping the heel back (which I was starting to consider). After that was all straightened out, I turned my first heel. And proceed to show G. Then I did the gusset, and was going to show G but he had fallen asleep on the couch with Zoe. So I woke them up and we went up to bed...where I tried on my sock for the first time, and showed G. I'm so fucking excited about this, it seems silly. Now if only I can manage the toe...