Sunday, April 02, 2006


Again, can I just say that this is the coolest effing thing. I'm still amazed that a) It worked and b) I was able to do it rather painlessly. The stitching on the toe could use some practice as could the heel and toe shaping but hey...IT'S MY FIRST SOCK!! And I did all by myself. Sorry 'bout that. But this project signals so mant firsts for me. First shaped project. First project on dpns. First sock. I do not have an abundance of confidence in anything that I do (which annoys everyone, including myself sometimes). So to say that this is a bit of and achievement would be appropriate. And it has some orange (which is my favourite colour). And, hot damn, it fits well, but I did mess up a bit in the ribbing.

And yes, I did cast on for the second one.
Mmmm...smells like a knitted toy...You need some sun Mom, time for a walk.


Danielle said...

Yay for a first sock!! It took me a while to really become a sock knitter, but now I've fallen hard. And the magic of turning a heel ontinues to amaze me each time.

RheLynn said...

Very pretty socks - like a tiger! Is that what Zoe is thinking there? ;o)

And Congratulations - for a first try that is WONDERFUL! (you don't want to see my first attempt-- luckily I think my Sally-cat ate the toe out of one of them in her wool-eating stage!)