Sunday, January 07, 2007

Skull Puppy

Well I have reached the colour portion of my first project using colourwork.

I have yet to attempt Fair Isle or Intarsia...until now. I just love the idea of a Skull Sweater for my little girl. And I figure it may be a good practice piece because it is smaller.
While G was reading the paper this morning, he stumbled across this article, Interesting find where you least expect it.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Yup, there has been some knitting here at the Pug Hut. See...

These are the Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves from Leigh Radford's Alterknits. I used a leftover ball of Red Heart's Super Saver in Pale Plum and some thin Chocolate Brown ribbon. Knit on US 8. I added some stitches to the forearm and knit the hand in small, but I honestly think I will just knit them in the large next time. Oh yes, there will be a nest time. I really like them, another pair in something softer and darker will be a project for later.
Right now I have started this...well, no pic, but trust me, it's just a few rows of 1x1 ribbing in TLC's # 5012 black. Here is the website. Street Legal Designs.
If the weather continues to stay this mild, I may have to think of something else to work on. The Cable Sweater from an earlier post is definately on a hiatus for now. Ah well, can't really complain, it has been rather comfortable lately. It is kinda weird to have green lawns though, after all, this is Ottawa. I guess W!nterlude* may be a dud this year.

* Big-time winter festival here in Ottawa, I'm just trying to avoid a ton of hits.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

As the final day of Holidays is upon us, Zoe and I have talked about our Resolutions for this coming year.

- To get more cuddles in (Z & K)

- Spend a little more time reading (K)

- To stop eating poop (Z)

- To be honest in my efforts for weight loss (K)

- To take Mommy for more walks (Z)

- To knit and actually finish some projects (K)

- To get more playtime (Z)

- To get more naps (Z)

I should probably attempt to keep a cleaner Pug Hut too. What do you think Zoe?

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2007 be even better than 2006.