Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's Been Awhile

Yes it has. Things have been busy here at the PugHut. Monday nights we have obidence classes where G and Zoe learn to behave like a good handler/puggie. Easter weekend was busy (G's birthday) as was the weekend before (my Dad's birthday). So needless to say I'm a bit behind the times. You should see my bloglines list...that'll be a lot of reading. I also noticed that our camera is damaged :o( So...I realize I owe pics for PS April, and I fully intend on delievering them...soon. And I finished the second sock, so I have my first ever completed pair of socks to photograph. And Zoe of course, there will hopefully be a Puggie pic or two in there as well. So I am off to ghetto-ize the camera and see if I can get it working. Here's hoping because I really don't want to dish out that kind of $$ right now.

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