Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Orange & Yellow

I did complete my first pair of socks...

Completed Socks On feet

Orange Nail Polish (one of many shades) Orange bag and belt

Orange Wallet , Tape Measure Orange Needle Vase, (M&M's)

Orange Mugs (Dodge Hemi & Zoe-black) Zoe and some toys

And for the record, I have started another pair. Same needles, same wool, different colour. This is called "Viva Print".

What can I say...I love orange. The Girls at work are forever pointing out orange garments etc. Do Doc Martens come in Orange? Our friend M has an Orange Jeep (bastard, I so want it). I'm surprised that I do not have more yellow...I do like the colour. Obviously PS does not extend to my wardrobe, I'd have to take too many pics.
*The guest room is a vibrate yellow (which I love), but it is a bitch to photograph really well. So let's just say it is vibrate, sunshine, bright, etc...

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