Friday, March 17, 2006

Red & Pink

Project Spectrum shots...

Red Peppers, Pink Toys

Red Gumball Machine, Purses

G's Painting, Our Truck

Our Bedroom (currently being redone,previous owners pink pick), My Gloves,

Bath Products, My Homemade Soap

Nail Polish


Rita said...

You have a cute pug. However, explain this phenomena for me: I don't know if it is the same in Canada, but here in the USA, people with Jeeps have the right to honk and wave at eachother and be totally obsessed with their cars. However, no other type of car driver can do this! I believe that there is a similarity between these people and pug people. One of my roomates has a pug and her whole family and house is pugs. Why is this?

Keri said...

LOL...the Jeep situation is the same here too. G's best friend owns a Jeep and it's like a club...I don't know. As for Pugs, we haven't had her for long, but we are smitten. Originally I was planning on getting a Mini Schnauzer like my Mom, but now I want another Pug. It is really hard to explain, but I am finding the phenomenon you described to be true. Pugs are such joyful, little clowns that you can't help but love them :o)

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, your pug is so cute! It's amazing by the way how many pink and red items one can find if we have a close look around, no? I thought there's hardly any stuff in these colors in my place, and yet, when I searched a bit, I found lots of it! Love the items you chose!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!

Chris said...

Great Project Spectrum color finds!

Thanks for dropping by ye olde blog - I highly recommend learning to knit socks. They're portable... and once you wear a pair of handknit socks, you want more more more more. :)