Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pics here are the promised Clapotis pics. I have the daylight, but I'm still figuring out this camera, so...excuses.
Anyhow, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by this pattern. It knits up fairly quickly and dropping those stitches is actually quite fun. I did have an "aww sh!t" moment Thursday night while watching the Sens beat the Habs. Zoe was in my lap while I was holding my circs, and bright ol' me decided to throw a ball for her. So she took off, and so did one end of the circs. I ended up dropping 20 some odd stitches. And let me just confess that I have ripped more projects because of dropped stitches than I care to admit. Why? Because I do not pick up stitches well. I am certainly getting practice though!
So after my nausea left I got to work and tried to salvage poor Clappy. G just kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye, trying not to miss the game, but fearful of the trip to the frog pond. I am proud to say I managed. There was the initial pick-up and realization that some fell further than one row (this is where I have the problems. I can do the 1 row drop, but if it goes further, not so much luck).
So I thought I got it and continued knitting. Then I saw it. The missed stitch. So close to the ladder of the pattern, I thought I may get away with it. It was one over, the twisted stitch. Damn it! So in essence I guess I created a new stitch while I was picking them up, because my number was right. I knit on, thinking all the while of how to fix it once I get there. And I did. I dropped the created stitch and somehow (incorrectly) picked-up the live stitch. It wasn't pretty, and G was worried, but held on to Zoe and I mustered my way through it and I think all is a-ok.
It still has the mistake but I'm going to leave it. I'll probably regret this when I drop the stitch in that area, but for now I remain blissfully unaware. After all, I am still a relatively new knitter. This is quite the adventurous pattern for cautious me.
Knock on wood.
Thank you.


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Your Clapotis will be lovely, and I think it is harrowing for anyone to face picking up stitches that have been rather unceremoniously ripped from the needles! You are one brave woman!