Saturday, January 21, 2006

Causing problems

Here is Zoe, using Daddy's beer to help train for the Olympics.

So once again my Libra tendancies have reared their head. I have just left the poor Harlot a comment asking her to update my Olympic project to a Baby Afghan. While I would like to jump on the bandwagon and knit a Clapotis (finally), I think that this project should be next in line. The added bonus: I may actually finish it in time for the baby shower as opposed to after the wee one is born. So I think I will attempt a Basket Weave Afghan. The real challenge in this will be actually finishing it, not necessarily the pattern itself (I hope). In the few years the I have been knitting (off and on) I have really only started to seriously knit since we bought our first house. Even then, my projects have predominantly been scarves. I have done one baby afghan (It took forever. I was able to give it as a gift when the Mother came in to work to show him off for the first time). I have attempted my one sweater, but it has been languishing for years. The only real shaping I have done was for Zoe's first sweater. It flares a bit where I picked up the stitches, but Camo tutus are in right? Right?

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