Monday, January 16, 2006

Mixed Bag

So yes, I am kicking around. Once again I've been busy or without a camera. I'm still getting used to the idea of blogging (and frequently), so you'll (I'll?) have to forgive me for the infrequent updates.

I have been knitting. This is a blanket I made for Zoe...probably the quickest knit I've ever done. It's made from LB Jiffy Thick & Quick in Catskills on US 17 needles. Just a basic Garter stitch border and stockinette. As you can see, she loves to chew on it...maybe I should add some
I've also been working quite a bit on the burgundy afghan I've had as a WIP for 3 years or so...I'll post a pic of that next time.
And I've finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. This may become a Clapotis. Now I've yet to invest in a good quality fibre for it....yet. I'm going to call this a dry run since it involves some stitches I have not done before. But so far I think I'll be able to manage, and then I'll invest in the real stuff. I just think that once I knit with "good stuff" I'll become spoiled, and I am looking forward to it, but I'd like to use up some of my stash first. Here is a view of last night's progress...the third time 'round.

Below is a meme I've seen floating around the blogs which I thought I'd fill out, just to see where I'm at right now.

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1. Ranch Hand 2. Burger King Assitant Manager 3. Chapters Gift Merchandiser 4. Maintenance Fee Clerk at a Patent & Trademark Firm (current)
Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. X-Men (1 & 2) 2. Lord of the Rings (all) 3. Star Wars (all) 4. Sabrina
Four Places You Have Lived:
1. Marathon Village, ON 2. Kanata, ON 3. Downtown Ottawa, ON 4. Kanata, ON (again)
Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. Bones 2. Survivorman 3. Family Guy 4. CSI: Las Vegas
Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
1. PEI 2. Toronto, ON 3. Jaypeak, VT 4. Montreal, QC
4 Websites You Visit Daily:
1. CIPO 2. Bloglines 3. FitDay 4.
Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Chocolate 2. Poutine 3. Spaghetti 4. Ice Cream
Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Home 2. An Island (South) 3. With my folks 4. Actually...I'm okay

Well okay is all relative, but hey...for once I'm not complaining.

***New comment (January 18, 2006). The above Clapotis has become a swatch...I just did something very brave/stupid. I signed up for the Olympics!!!! Canadian Clapotis team, here I come. What have I done??

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