Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No pics

Well things have been coasting. We had some wicked weather on Saturaday and of course, I had quite the drive to do. And someone attempted to steal our truck (or its contents). Sigh...not what I wanted to deal with. Well, for G to deal with. Oh well, nothing was taken, they didn't even get in, but I think it may have happened in our driveway. Grrr.
There was much sport watching the last few days (Football, Hockey, Election), and I'm glad to see that our Sens keep beating the Leafs :o) Consiquently, this means there was knitting time infront of the TV, so Clappy is moving right along. I do not have any pics yet because the lighting was so poor, but I hope to rectify that soon.
I also did some training for the Olympics so I think I'll be good to go. I am getting kinda excited which is probably why Clappy is growing at a fast (for me) rate. Hmmm...maybe I need some pressure in order to get certain projects out the door. I guess I would consider myself a process knitter because, clearly, I'm not in any kind of a hurry to finish most projects.
I guess I should wrap it up. I am at work but I have f*ck all to do, AGAIN! This is getting to be ridiculous. I need a vacation.

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