Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

So I survived the holidays...thank goodness. I imposed a knitting deadline upon myself and I actually managed to make it with 24 hours to spare. Of course I did not manage to take any pictures, but they were 3 scarves. 3 skeins in Bernat Boa (Peacock), 2 skeins in Bernat Boa (Blue Jay) and 2 skeins of Bernat Eyelash (Funky). These were for the BF's SIL and 2 nieces. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I started them at the beginning of December. So I am very happy they are finished, because the last few weeks I had taken to calling them the "damn scarf" etc.
I became very sick January 1, way to start the year. So I did not manage to start anything new. I did rip a half finished sweater in LB Thick & Quick which I am planning on starting over in a different size. I also started cleaning the "guest" room. I organized half the closet as my yarn closet with mags, yarn, etc. I'm very impressed. I absolutely HATE to clean, so this is a big deal, because I'm extremely lazy. But G and I have talked, and I have a vision for that room, so I'm plugging away at it (it is all my shit after all).I hoping to finish it soon so that we can get a comfy chair and I'll have a reading/knitting/craft room. Very Excited. Who needs an extra bed? That implies that we want company/guests...
I'll leave now with a pic of my wee one being kind to my yarn.
(hmmm...can't seem to put the pic anywhere but the beginning...I'll have to work on it).
Ooohh...think I got it ;o)

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