Thursday, December 21, 2006


Long time no blog, eh?

Well lots has been happening here at the Pug Hut. I've invested in a personal trainer which is the number one reason why I have not been blooging time, at gym. It's a commitment no doubt about it. I'm liking it though. I notice differences everyday in the way my body moves, but so far I have yet to see a difference, on the scale or in the clothes. I'm not upset though, I feel so much better and I still beleive that once the weight starts coming off, it'll just go. It just needs to get past that wall first, then look out.
I did take a break from knitting for awhile (I know, I know), but I find breaks are good. I am someone who can go full throttle on something and then burn out just as quickly. So I have started up again and I have a FO.

Yes, another sweater for Zoe. Actually the wee army camo sweater from last season does not fit her anymore, so I needed to whip up another. This is a prototype. It is a little snug in the chest and long in the back, and I haven't finished the sleeves, but I took notes and I feel that I can really improve upon this one. BTW, for any that may be curious it is knit in Red Heart uhhh... not sure, I'll get back to you about the colour, I can't even find it online. Anyhow, it was knit on US 8s.
Here is a parting shot of someone who is really not happy with her Mommy this morning.

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Lissa said...

Hey... That Red Heart is colour 595 Viva Print. I have it too. :)