Saturday, December 30, 2006


I hope everyone is enjoyong their holidays. G and I are sick :o( But I guess that is to be expected when you are around so many people in such a condensed period of time.
Mother Nature has shown that she has not forgotten us, so it is finally snowing. December 30th...hell of a lot better than some years. I remember being a kid and having snow at Hallowe'en. So we really cannot complain.
Things have been nice and slow the last few days because we are all under the weather. There has been much cuddling,

and knitting,

and ripping*,

and general enjoyment.
G went out and purchased this game after having played it with his nephew the other day. G is a guitarist and he gives this game a couple of thumbs up. It is actually pretty neat. So I have had quite a bit of knitting time while he fools around with his Christmas Bonus purchase and watches the hockey games.
Well I'm going to go make myself another pot of tea, sit on the couch with my Snug-Pug and start this sweater a larger size. Man I wish I could do this everyday, minus the sickies.
*However, I do get to start over because of the glaringly obvious mistake on the cable. But, hey, it is my first cable...This has given me a chance to check the size and guess what? Too small. I did go down a size because of the amount of time I have been spending at the gym, but this is still a wee bit too small. So the whole thing is visiting the frog pond right now. I really do not mind though, it is such a quick knit. The pattern is from a Lion Brand booklet and I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Colour #135 - Spice.

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