Monday, May 22, 2006

May 2-4

Here in Canada we are celebrating the May 2-4 weekend. Which means no work today. Well no job today, but there has been work...

G painting over our hidious Pepto-Pink walls. Now called Chili Pepper. (Disclaimer - I cannot paint. Really, I have tried and tried, but it always ends up with my Dad saying "Keri do not be afraid to put some fucking paint on your brush". Then it gets messy, there is a big sigh and then, "Here, gimme that brush." In my defence, Dad introduced me to the Bill Cosby school of thought; "If I screw up big enough, I won't be asked to do it again". And really, with both Dad and G being Aries, little Libra me just needs to actually make a decision and they are happy.

Camo PS sock (sorry for the crappy shot), it's further along now.
Well, some of us were working!

Mom...the flash woke me up! Don't you have a house to clean?
She did help me post this entry.

You move too much when you type!

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