Friday, May 26, 2006


I think I have hit a knitting funk. Nothing project seems right for my state of being right now. I have startitis like crazy, then I get bitchy and rip everything. In the past 2 week I have started/work on and abandoned:
-Simple socks in Renegade camouflage
-Cowl from Stitch n' Bitch in Carnival
-Beginners Triangle from A Gathering of Lace in Sultana (several times)
-Diamond Shawl from Lion Brands website in Lavender
-Upbeat Top from Creative Knitting, May 2005 in Black/Red

The only thing really surviving right now is my "At Work" project which is Thuja. I am almost at the toe for the first sock.

Part of my problem is my size/weight. I'm not happy with where I am physically. And I am working on getting into shape. So I have a hard time committing to a large, involved project like a sweater. What size do I knit? I like to think that I am a process knitter, but I still have a hard time putting in all that work and not being able to wear it. G suggests I knit a smaller size as an incentive. This does not bother me so much in theory, but I have no way of knowing where I'll end up and what my measurements will be.
I think I've decided that I'll just knit what will make me happy right now and use it as practice. I have never actually completed a sweater, so before I get too bent-out-of-shape, I'll just knit what I like today and enjoy the process.

I hate it when I think too much.

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