Sunday, February 19, 2006

Olympic Knitting

Alright, there is finally some knitting getting done around here. I had attempted to start the Basket Weave Baby Afghan late last week, but it really wasn't turning out too well. My switch between the knit and purl stitches is really loose right now, so it just looked terrible. So I changed the pattern. It is still a Baby Afghan, but it is a Simple Ridge Baby Afghan. I figured if I wanted to do any knitting during the Olympics, I'd need to pick a simpler pattern in order to have any hopes of finishing with my thumb still working. So I'm not sure if changing projects is allowed in the Olympics, but in light of my "injury" it was either change the project or pull out and go home with an injury (like Hasek). I'm not willing to admit defeat, yet. And the blankie is needed for someone so I started it last night while we were watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Movie...hilarious. This is where I ended up.

I'm using 6mm circular needles (Unique from the H.A. Kidd Company...purchased from Zellers) and some Red Heart Casual Cot'n Blend in colour #3937 - Grand Canyon. Hey, I'm using the stash. G has promised me a trip to the LYS once I use up some of the stash. So we shall see if I can manage to knit this wee blankie in the span of a *gulp* week. The good news is that Daytona is on today which means the start of the new Nascar season, which means prime knitting time. Here's crossing my fingers and hoping that my thumb stays limber.

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PawsforEffect said...

Just wanted to thank you for your comment and well wishes for Daisey. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog (I was worried that no one read it at all). It's funny that your Zoe is not cuddly like my Daisey, but I'm not sure it's a pug trait. My Milo, loves to cuddle on the couch and sit on my lap, even if he is a 40lb monster of a pug. Your Zoe is such a pretty girl, she looks almost dainty! =)