Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wow or WoW

What happened?

Well, much has happened. I won't go into it all but suffice it to say, this was a big part of it.

Yes, I am now a Mrs. We got married on our 9th anniversary and it was wonderful.

In other news, Phoebe is growing....

and she is definately contributing to my hands being tied 24-7.

Also there has been a lot of this

which has been a major time drain. I have not even been knitting! Actually I did do another Baby Kimono but I was unable to take pics. I was very pleased with it though.

So here's hoping I'll get my act together and stop wasting so much time on the computer.


Lissa said...

Congratulations! What a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos. Where did you hold it?

Keri said...

Hey Lissa,

I haven't been able to post on your blog (not sure if I just can't figure it out or if you've turned the comments off), but we were married at the Courtyard Restaurant in the Market. They were awesome and we are planning on going there for our first anniversary.