Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Many changes are afoot here at the PugHut.

G has started the process of redoing the upstairs by gutting my walk-in closet. It now has no shelves or flooring. But the holes have been patched and sanded and I thought I heard him say he was picking up some paint tonight. (I must remember to take a pic tonight. There will be no before pic, but I could get a mid-process shot). Once the closet is painted and my new shelving installed (built by G), we are laying down some laminate flooring. And it will continue throughout the bedroom. This means no more yucky green carpet with Puggy pee stains.

Why the big push? Well...on the 18th we will be bringing home Zoe's little sister. Meet Phoebe...
I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Phoebe is actually Zoe's younger sister. Zoe is from Spike & Zoey's first litter and Phoebe is from their third (and probably final). I don't even think I can convey how excited I am. I even have 7 days off from work to ensure that the girls adjust properly. I even move two vacation days from my wedding to accomidate this! So, anyhow, the carpet is going so that Lil' Miss Phoebe does not automatically think our bedroom is a Puggy loo. I realize it'll still happen, but the hope is that the scent from Zoe's mishaps do not encourage her to piddle in our bedroom.
And yes there has been knitting, but woefully little to show for it. I have started 2 blankies for the girls. One in a purple/mauve and one in a pink/orange. Zoe's collar/harness/leash set is purple and we have started to buy pink for Phoebe. I love shopping for pups!!

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