Monday, June 04, 2007

Well Hello There

Talk about a hiatus.

Been trying to plan the wedding. Trying to get healthy...go to the gym, eat better, etc. My gown is in, 1 size smaller than the one I originally tried on, and it fits! I haven't really lost any weight, but I have firmed up quite a bit and I'm much stronger. As of Wednesday, I'm joining Weight Watchers to hopefully start losing the weight. The dress looks beautiful and I feel like a Princess, but, if I'm going to implement changes, now is the time to do it. The girls at work are starting a pool at work to see how long it takes me to get pregnant now that the wedding is quickly approaching and my Best Friend is due right around Remembrance Day (she will be beautifully pregnant at our wedding!). I'm still about 60 lbs. overweight (according to BMI index), so I'd love to start tackling that now, before we try and have kids.
Speaking of kids....

One of these little ones will be coming home with us at the end of July. Zoe is getting a little sister, literally. This litter is a product of her parents, Zoey and Spike. Our Zoe is from their first litter and our newest addition is from their third and probably final litter. It is a little sooner than G and I expected, but we (G especially) really wanted another pup from this breeder. When she emailed us last Tuesday saying Zoey and Spike had a litter of 5 the day before, she mentioned that this was more than likely their final litter. After a brief discussion (finances have not been very good lately), we decided to fuck the debt and complete the PugHut like we've been longing to do. So this can only mean one thing. Puppy Shopping!!! I seriously can't wait.

On the knitting front...hasn't been happening. But, with our new addition it'll start up again. I am also awaiting word from my BF as to the gender of her wee one (should find out around the 14th), so knitting will definately commence soon.

More updates to follow....

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Manda Girl said...

Keri - hi there!! We are thinking of moving to Ottawa (we live in Calgary now) would you mind emailing me to give me the scoop on the nation's capital?