Friday, March 02, 2007

Well Hello There

Well I guess it is obvious from the previous post that there are not many movies viewed here at the PugHut. Even though G had invested in a toy a few years ago (52" DLP), you are likely to find a sport on its' screen. Take this week for example. Monday - Toronto @ Montreal. Tuesday - Ottawa @ Carolina. Wednesday - Carolina @ Ottawa. Thursday - Supposed to be CSI but it was a repeat :oP so we watched "So you think your Smarter than a 5th Grader" (pretty fun). Tonight - Ottawa @ Atlanta. Saturday - I think there may be a Busch race on (no Nextel this week). Sunday - Ottawa @ Chicago. So there you ya think I get to watch much? I can't really complain because this does give me ample time to knit (and go to the gym).
Speaking of the gym...yes I am still going. No, I haven't dropped a size yet. But I'd better because I purchased this 2 weeks ago...

in one size smaller than I am currently wearing. I'm pretty confident that it'll fit. I have done a few tests recently and although I have not physically seen a difference yet, there definately have been some changes. I have more energy, I am stronger (actually I have gained 20 pounds of muscle according to one test), and my trainer and I have noticed huge improvements at the gym. So I have to try and stay positive. I just keep saying that the weight will start to move soon. And really, when I started this journey, it was for my health, not my dress size. I've just noticed that since a lot of my time has been taken up by this wedding, I easily forget the original goal. (The planning of the wedding also explains why the blog has been pretty lean as of late).
I had made some progress on the Skully sweater, but it has since been ripped. Why? Well, it was my first colour work project and I carried the colours a little too tightly behind the image. There was some puckering. So I decided that wasn't good enough for the little Princess.
Last week we had a nice evening. Dinner and a...Dog show. Westminster was on. Here is how Zoe spent her evening.
"What? I just wanna a taste."
"Where is the handsome boy Mom? Man, he only came in third! He's soooo hotter than the Miniature Poodle."
The following day comprised of...
"Well he was good looking. I'm going to day-dream now."
Don't worry SweetP. We will get you a little friend soon. A little sister. After the wedding :o)
Up next time. Hopefully some progress pics of my new projects. I've finally jumped on the bandwagon.

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