Saturday, September 30, 2006

Summer's Gone

Well it had to happen sooner or later. (Sooner...this is Canada).
Had a very busy summer which did not include the computer or any knitting (!!) Yes, I can be fickle sometimes, and I have been known to burn out on activities, but it never lasts long. I just needed to feel a cool breeze and to pack away my sandals for another 9 months (so sad), and now I'm feeling the knit vibe again. This means that;

- I have finished one Thuja sock which was started in the spring. (Yes I have the other started, it is my at work project).

- I have decided to finally try a poncho. Now I realize that I am forever early or late when it comes to trends, but I am content with this part of my personality. What happened was one of my co-workers (who sews, a lot, and she's good) brought a poncho in one day this week. She is keeping it at work for those inevitable cold/bad/gloomy/crappy days. And she sort of had that kind of day on Thurs. So she put on her poncho and curled up at her desk. Damn did she look she was wrapped in a work. Hence, I must follow suit. A Very Harlot Poncho may just be the ticket.

- I'm going to have to clean out "the room" to get at the of these days.

- I'm going to cut back on my reading. (Everyone has some cycles. I happen to follow the seasons. Summer = Reading; Spring/Autumn/Winter = Knitting.

-More knitting should mean more blogging. Here's hoping the plan works.

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